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The Power of Choice

Josh shares his moving and powerful message about drinking and driving to audiences across the country.


Always Remember, Never Forget

Mandy, Ryan and Kaitlyn Jahn

The power of choice.
Joshua Jahn’s life changed forever on November 6, 2008 when his wife and two small children were hit and killed by a drunk driver on their way home to him. Through the grief and heartache he has chosen to not let their deaths be in vain. Josh speaks to groups from all walks of life, creating an awareness to the power of choice and personal responsibility. If interested in having Josh share his moving and powerful message please contact us.

Some of Josh's audiences include:

High School Students
Prison Inmates
Parent Groups
Victim Advocate Organizations
Youth Retreats
Middle School Students
DUI Offenders
Church Groups
Leadership Conferences
Victim Impact Panels

November 6th, 2008

"Ok, I'll see you in a little bit..."

That morning was no different than any other morning. The air was clear and crisp as I returned home from my overnight shift as a tow truck driver. When I got home my wife, Mandy was up getting our children, Ryan (3 ½) and Kaitlyn (11 months) dressed for the day. I headed off to my second job at a tractor dealership. I worked hard. I did it for them, my family.

The day went on and the first rainfall in weeks fell in the early afternoon. The hours ticked away until quitting time. I walked outside of work to head home and was greeted by one of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen. The clouds had scattered and were powered with traces of gold and a misty blue gleaming through. I stopped for a moment, snapped a picture of the sunset on my cell phone and headed home to wait for my family to return from their days activities.

I had no way of knowing that cell phone picture would become one of my most cherished photographs. It was the last sunset my family would ever see.

Mandy called a few minutes after eight o’clock. She was on her way home from running errands and teaching a violin lesson. She had just picked up Ryan and Kaitlyn from her mother’s house and was driving home to me. She told me she would be home soon.

“Ok, I’ll see you in a little bit,” I told her and hung up the phone. It was the last time I would hear her voice.

Just a few minutes later, a drunk driver blew through a stop sign hitting our family car broadside at 68 mph, instantly killing Mandy, Ryan and Kaitlyn. The force of the collision ejected the kids out of their car seats and the car.

Then the noise stopped. There was nothing but quiet.

I was sitting there waiting for them to come home when I heard an accident report come in over my fire department radio. No it couldn’t be. I thought certainly that is not my family in that accident. I immediately called Mandy’s phone. There was no answer.

The things I experienced that night will be forever etched in my memory. As time has gone on I have realized that talking about my family allows who they were on this earth to continue to live on. The life they had, the love that they knew, and the way that their time here began, was spent and then how it ended, will forever have a profound affect on the people who knew and loved them. I have found hope in knowing that the lessons learned through their story go beyond age, time or distance.

I am honored and humbled now to tell their story and will continue to tell it to whoever is willing to take a moment to listen.


It's only too late when you wait to talk about it...

Book Joshua Jahn to speak about 'The Power of Choice' and share his story of love and loss,
aiding the fight against drunk driving and the lives it effects.  When you wait, it's too late.

"Josh masterfully weaves a story of sorrow and loss at the hands of a drunk driver into one of hope and humanity. Audiences leave impacted, but most importantly, inspired."

Dorene Ocamb

Acting VP of Marketing and Development for MADD

“I am certain that through Joshua’s tragic story, many lives have been saved. In my 10-years as an officer, I have never worked with an individual who captures their audience like Joshua does. Although the audiences’ personal experiences are all different, everyone can relate through Joshua’s delivery.”

Officer Rodrigo Jimenez

California Highway Patrol, Public Information Officer

"Josh's story is incredibly riveting and powerful. There wasn't a dry eye in the auditorium after hearing him speak about the greatest loss of his life. Josh is an amazingly courageous and resilient person whose story will stay with you for years. After Josh's presentation, students and staff members came up to him in tears just to give him a hug."

Allison Bean, MSW, LCSW

School Social Worker, McKinney Vento Liaison, Argo Community High School, District 217

“I truly do believe that his presentation made a huge impact on every person that attended and it opened everybody's eyes to something that is so preventable. It was focused on choices, decisions, and consequences.”

High School Student

“Joshua Jahn has participated in our Every 15 Minutes program for the last 3 years. Every 15 Minutes is a nationwide, two-day program that focuses on personal safety, drinking and driving and the potential consequences of poor decision-making. He has impacted approximately 8,037 students and their families in one form or another, over the three years he has partnered with us. His story is a direct reflection of the impact one poor decision can have on so many lives. It is hard to determine how far the ripple of his loss has traveled, but when he is finished with our schools each year, his family is imprinted in our minds and hearts in a way that cannot be forgotten. It stands as a reminder to all who hear his story not to drink and drive.”

Joanne Minney

Crime Prevention, Assistant Peer Support Coordinator, Fountain Valley Police Department

“His presentation taught me that I have the power to make decisions and choices, that will forever affect me and those around me. And it taught me not to ever let anyone make decisions for me.”

Genesis Rodriguez

High School Student

“I have been a part of the “Every 15 Minutes” anti-drinking and driving program at San Dimas High School for the last 18 years. Every two years we offer this program that includes a mock accident and memorial service for our students. In 2015 and 2017 Joshua Jahn shared his very personal story that destroyed his family. My students were so touched by his powerful message and desire to make an impact on our young students. Students talked about the impact he had on them for days and weeks to come. He is an amazing speaker who is willing to share his hurt and pain with others so that no other dad/husband has to live the pain he lived. In 2019, we will be doing the program again and I look forward to inviting him back to our school.”

Rita Kear

Assistant Principal of Campus Culture, San Dimas High School

"Hearing Josh’s story was a heart wrenching experience. We cannot imagine what he has been through. His powerful message impacted the lives of our students that were a part of Every Fifteen Minutes program, but also impacted a total of 1200 students that were in the auditorium. Many students, parents, and staff cried, but we do believe it made everyone think again about drinking and driving and how they can be the difference."

Clara Dehmer

Assistant Principal, Student Services, Claremont High School

“Joshua's presentation at our school helped our students connect with each other in several ways. They started caring for each other more and cherishing everyday together. They were more willing to listen instead of just hearing what was going on around them. He will always be a precious part of our lives, that experience of being in his presences was powerful. I am forever grateful for his strength and willingness to let us be part of his family.”

Rose Antillon

Activities Director, Pomona High School

“His presentation gave me sadness and grief but he made me realize how the world works and taught me to cherish everything I have now. Always love the life you live.”

Francisco Munoz

High School Student

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